1 to 1 Laughter Yoga Coaching is an 8-week program,
which includes eight x one hour Skype sessions and daily 5 minute practice laughter sessions.

Schedule 8-week period:

laughing-buddha-1041993_960_720Week 1: Introduction, History, Concept and Philosophy behind Laughter Yoga.
You will learn the process of Laughter Yoga, how it evolved and the health benefits of laughing.
We will evaluate your Laughter Quotient and complete a Holistic Survey.

Weeks 2 to 7 – we look at a different area of your health.
Week 2: Emotional
Week 3: Physical
Week 4: Personal
Week 5: Spiritual
Week 6: Social
Week 7: Self
Week 8: Summary, Reflection and Commitment

At the end of 1 to 1 Laughter Yoga Coaching, we will evaluate your Laughter Quotient, and do a Holistic Survey to assess how you have changed through the program.