1 to 1 Laughter Yoga Coaching

As a Laughter Yoga Coach, I am committed to bringing more joy and laughter into the lives of my clients.

One of the ways I do this is through the 1 to 1 Laughter Yoga Coaching Program, which for some clients is life changing.

  • 1 to 1 Coaching is for people who would like more laughter in their lives.
  • People who have lost their ability to laugh or felt they never had it.
  • For people experiencing stress, depression, the introverted and shy and for those experiencing chronic diseases and in pain.

1 to 1 Laughter Yoga Coaching is an 8-week program that includes eight x one hour Skype sessions.

Your Schedule:

laughing-buddha-1041993_960_720Week 1: Introduction, History, Concept and Philosophy behind Laughter Yoga.
You will learn the process of Laughter Yoga, how it evolved and the health benefits of laughing.
We will evaluate your Laughter Quotient and complete a Holistic Survey.

Weeks 2 to 7 – we look at a different area of your health.
Week 2: Emotional
Week 3: Physical
Week 4: Personal
Week 5: Spiritual
Week 6: Social
Week 7: Self
Week 8: Summary, Reflection and Commitment

At the end of 1 to 1 Laughter Yoga Coaching, we will evaluate your Laughter Quotient, and do a Holistic Survey to assess how you have changed through the program.

The programme can be conducted privately for individuals or for staff and managers in workplaces.
For some people this course is life changing!

Individual Laughter Yoga Programs can be created to meet your individual needs.  Please contact Tracey for more details.

Why people choose 1 to 1 Laughter Yoga Coaching:

People realise that they don’t laugh enough.
They have become too serious and have forgotten how to laugh, play and have fun.
They want to increase the quality of their life and the quality of their relationships.
When we make a commitment to laugh, we smile more and feel lighthearted. We find a healthy outlet for stress and build emotional resilience.
Laughter can be a cathartic experience, we can release built up feelings of anger, sorrow or resentment.

This is what they are saying about the 1 to 1 Laughter Yoga Coaching

“What I gained from doing the “1-1, 8 week laughter coaching program” was my overall optimism for life improved. This is really significant for me as I could be quite a serious and oftentimes negative (thinking) person.  I had positive shifts in my emotional, physical and mental health. I became more comfortable with laughing on my own and can now fully appreciate the amazing benefits from laughing ‘on purpose’ (not having to rely on an external stimulus, e.g. something funny, to laugh) on a regular basis (and for a period of at least 5-10 minutes a day). I loved the different laughing exercises experienced daily with my coach. I felt a lovely connection and continue to do so with the many people that I now laugh with on a regular basis. It is so simple, yet so effective – I can’t believe how little I laughed before and how much I laugh now. I really didn’t want the 8 weeks to finish as I enjoyed it so much. So now I laugh alone and connect with people who also want to laugh and my life is much better for it. Very good, very good, YAY!!!!   Katrina McDonnell from Adelaide


I gained such a lot from doing the 8 week 1:1 Laughter Yoga Coaching Program…Each week a different aspect of your health is reviewed and each week I learnt something new, both about laughter and more importantly myself.
The most significant learning was the Emotional Health week.  I learnt what I need to be truly happy… amazing to notice this and to acknowledge it.  Had I not done the course, I don’t think I would have realised this!
Physical Health week was another highlight and I absolutely loved Self Health week.  Saying positive affirmations and laughing.  I have also done the exercise with my husband 🙂
What was evident at the end of the program, was that my sense of humour increased, as did my positive thoughts and playfulness.
Laughing every day has now become a new daily habit and I love it!  Before I found Laughter Yoga, I wasn’t a big laughter.  I now laugh every day.  It has been life changing.
I would definitely recommend the 8 week 1:1 Laughter Yoga Coaching to absolutely anyone.  Tracey Steddy, Perth

Tracey runs laughter workshops, team building events, 1 to 1 coaching, wellbeing retreats, celebration parties and laughter yoga facilitator coaching.
To book an event or for more information, please contact Tracey
on 0400 107 286 or tracey@mylaughtercoach.com