My-Laughter-Coach-TraceyTracey Steddy, teacher of Laughter Yoga, is passionate about helping people laugh.

Tracey has an energetic and inclusive style and in her sessions, she shows how you can get the “runners high”, without having to run!

Tracey understands that living in a world where we “do, do, do” all the time can often leave us feeling exhausted and flat.
Laughter brings you back to balance and is healing for your Body, Mind and Spirit.


Tracey has been featured on Hit92.9 radio, and ran a Laughter Yoga session for their Happiness Project, delivering Laughter Yoga to over 300 people. She has also worked with City of Bayswater, City of Swan, Weightwatchers, Mums and Bubs, Disabled Groups, as well as having her own weekly Laughter Wellness Meetup Group.

Tracey was never a big laugher.  Following a relationship breakup and feeling depressed, she searched for ways to heal emotionally.  She found Laughter Yoga by accident, drove two hours to her nearest laughter yoga club and laughed so much that her cheeks hurt.  She felt so much better and the feeling lasted far beyond the session. Tracey realised there and then that she wanted to become a Laughter Yoga Practitioner to share that joy and happiness with others. She is now happily married – something she puts down to laughing daily.


When presenting to public and private sector organisations employees, Tracey provides simple tools for stress management.

Employees’ motivation, communication and productivity increases, as does positivity and relationships between each other.  As a result of this, employees feel happier and healthier, and a ‘can do’ attitude is created.  Employees feel more energetic, lighter, brighter and more joyful.  Big issues become minor irritations (or stop bothering them completely).  Tracey will leave you with tips and hints to incorporate laughter into your daily life.

Tracey has 27 years of experience in the public and private sectors, working with a blue-chip company.  She is an expert in Health and Wellness, with qualifications in Teaching, Business Administration, Counselling, Information Advice and Guidance, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and a Diploma as a Tantric Practitioner.  Tracey is an Advanced Laughter Yoga Practitioner and Laughter Yoga Teacher..

Tracey runs laughter workshops, team building events, 1 to 1 coaching, wellbeing retreats, celebration parties and laughter yoga facilitator coaching.  All services can also be delivered online.
To book an event or for more information, please contact Tracey on 0400 107 286 or