Laughter Yoga Leader Training...awarding certificates
Laughter Yoga Leader Training…awarding certificates

The training is comprehensive and runs over two full days.  First day, 18 November 2016, the second day will be 4 to 6 weeks later.

All attendees receive a Laughter Yoga Manual.

Tuition for 2 days:  Regular $395.00  Early-bird special $350.00, if registered and deposit paid by Friday, 4 November 2016. Deposit of $100 required to hold your place, as space is limited.

This 2-DAY Laughter Yoga Leader Certification Training will teach you the tools to

* Start your own Laughter Club, Laughter Exercises, Meditation and Yogic Breathing

* Lead Laughter Yoga sessions, workshops and presentations

* Incorporate more laughter into your personal life

* Integrate this newfound Laughter Yoga knowledge into your work modalities and to help others reduce stress, manage their responses, boost their immunities and improve their outlook on life.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate from the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga.

For more details about the trainer and benefits of Laughter Yoga, please visit

If you would like further information, please contact Tracey  on 0400 107 286 or email

Who Can Do This Course:

* Anyone who wants to add laughter and joy to their life

* Alternative Therapists and Healers

* Recreation Activity Facilitators

* Yoga Fitness Trainers & Sports coach

* Occupational Therapists

* Health Care professionals

* Psychologists and Psychotherapist

* Nurses, Social Workers

* Counsellors

* Health Care Workers

* Professional Speakers

* HR and Management Training Professionals

* School Teachers

* Psychologists & Psychiatrists

* Entertainment professionals

* Actors & Singers

* Clowns and Comedians

* Senior Care Workers

* Marriage and Family Therapists

* Life Coaches

* Sales Managers

* Tourism Professionals & Tour Guides